Ep 219: Longevity as an Intuitive Eater and Life Update

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So, you've decided to go all-in with intuitive eating, and You've made SO much progress when it comes to healing your relationship with food and your body.

And now you're wondering, "Katie, how do I retain these results? How do I avoid falling back into old diet-y patterns, thoughts, and beliefs?"

If this sounds like you, today's episode is for you!

I'm digging deep into how you can navigate intuitive eating long-term and sharing 6 'red flags' that might indicate that you need to revisit your intuitive eating tools or reach out for support. Plus, stick around because I'm sharing a fun life update as well!

Connect with Katie: -katiehake.com/quiz to discover your eating style -katiehake.com/schedule to book a free call -katiehake.com/shop for training guides - use code 'FFHH' for half off!

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