The Slippers of Twelve Princesses or The Flower Conspiracy

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In which we discover that princesses aren't always heroines, that gardener's boys can be heroes and that being buried in flowers isn't necessarily a good thing. There are also fantastic forests of jewels, fairies, miraculous laurel trees, enchanted princes and the sheer joy to be found in dancing.

This tale for this episode is The Slippers of Twelve Princesses, it's a Romanian tale with some dark elements but its also beautiful in places

The episode recipe is Cauliflower Cheese, perfect cheesey comfort food for any occasion.

If you want to find out anything about the books or links I mentioned in the podcast you can find them in Further Reading. This is also where you would find more information about the history of flowers as food and other sources of information in this week's podcast.

You can also find out more at Hestia's Kitchen which has all past episodes and the connected recipes on the blog. If you'd like to get in touch about the podcast you can find me on Twitter or Instagram at @FairyTalesFood.

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