#146 "Improving The Internship Process" With Oliver Daglish

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Episode 146 is with Swindon Town Lead Academy Sport Scientist Oliver Daglish. Oliver spoke about: -Getting the most out of internships -How clubs should utilise interns -What coaches wasn't from interns -The missing link from u18-1st team & much more! You can follow Oliver on twitter @ODaglish19 Join our online community to access webinars from: Leicester City 1st Team Sport Scientist Tom Joel 'Using different levels of feedback to help inform practice' Nutritionist Matthew Jones 'Football Nutrition - A periodised approach' Sport Scientist Carlos Balsalobre 'Mobile technologies to monitor neuromuscular performance' FAWSL Sport Scientist Ivi Casagrande 'My Journey into Professional Football' EXOS Performance coach Matt Jones 'Creating Opportunities' Sport Science Consultant Chris Barnes 'Sport Science - The past, present & future' Southampton 1st Team Sport Scientist Dr Laura Bowen 'Prevention is Cheaper than the Cure' Head of Academy Sport Science at Celtic FC Oliver Morgan 'Long Term Athlete Development & Creating a Successful Academy Culture' Former Head of Medical at Arsenal Colin Lewin 'The make up of an effective Sport Science & Medicine Team.' & many more! Claim your FREE month at the link below: www.footballfitfed.com/community-login.html Our online community gives you: >Quality CPD - our Network Meetings cover the entire country with the very best speakers working in Football! >Discounted Network Meeting Tickets and early access >Access to an ever increasing video library of webinars >On demand access to view all future meetings >Wide range of Member benefits from our partners including colossal discounts and offers >The ability to chat with and question elite level coaches on our forum & members WhatsApp group Keep up to date with everything that is going on at Football Fitness Federation at the following links: Twitter - @FootballFitFed Instagram - @FootballFitFed Website - www.footballfitfed.com Email - mail@footballfitfed.com

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