008 Superpowers of Survival and Evolution

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Today’s episode covers the basics of evolution so that we can address a case of extreme survival in some of the smallest organisms to exist: yeast! Cancer evolution makes appearances as well, including new mechanisms of tumor evasion that can develop when we treat cancer with different therapies. Stories of how organisms put everything on the line to defy their environment and survive are what Biology so fascinating. Plus, who doesn’t love using the word hypermutation repeatedly? Also, feel free to add any content you want to see covered or questions you want to explore. Engaging new ideas is always exciting. I hope you enjoy!

Note: The yeast hypermutation strategy is latch ditch for a reason: it's a one in a million shot to work. Luckily, yeast exist in colonies of tens of millions, so when faced with species survival or death they are engineered to make the gamble.

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