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Learning a new language is often the deal breaker when deciding whether or not to go to, and more so, live in a different nation. Learning a new language may also be the ignitor that causes someone to focus on the nation where the language is commonly spoken.

We sit down for a chat with UK expat and blogger, Henissi. Henissi shares her story of why she chose to go to Valencia, Spain and why she hopes of one day making it her new home. Hear some of the highlights and comparisons she makes of her life in Spain. Also, listen to how she carefully squashes a few stereotypes people from other nations may have about Spain and Spaniards in general. Get a glimpse of how this forward thinking Spanish language learner is embracing her life and future in Spain.


Henissi's blog focuses on giving people a peek into life in Spain by introducing cool and interesting places to visit. Her blog also goes into her personal reasons for wanting to move to Spain with the hope of helping others like herself who are thinking about relocating to Spain

Website: My Life Mi Vida

Facebook: My Life, Mi Vida

Instagram: mylife.mivida


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