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It is impossible to know when or where your life will take a sudden turn. Sometimes the turns leads to a path that is not only unpredictable, but also impossible to prepare for. Our guest this episode shows that the key to finding and implementing successful adjustments is to maintain a positive attitude and the willingness to remain flexible.

This episode we welcome American immigrant Michael Harling to the show. Michael isn’t afraid of facing and overcoming challenges. After coming off a long and successful civil service career, Michael decided to make a change in his life. However, Michael didn’t start off with a plan to travel abroad and as a result made a lot of mistakes. It looks like Lady Luck was on his side. Michael translated his adventures into a blog and later into books. Hear how Michael found the love of his life and became part of his host nation’s community.



Postcards From Across the Pond


Postcards from across The Pond,

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Postcards from Ireland


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