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There are many reasons why expats, immigrants and migrants choose to live a life abroad. Some have decided to look abroad to find a missing part of themselves or just to get away from situations that they felt were obstacles or factors limiting their physical, psychological, financial and, in some cases, spiritual or creative development. Many have simply decided to look and journey abroad to quench their thirst for adventure.

In this episode, I converse with American expat traveller and cook, Deonté Daniels. Deonté is someone who has decided to explore an existence overseas for reasons much like the ones I’ve just mentioned.

I should also mention that this is one interview that I felt I could have gone much deeper and because of this I hope that I will be able to continue with this discussion in the near future and use it as an insight of how my guest sees his life overseas from another point in time.


Website: Deonté Shoots

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Facebook: Deonté Daniels


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