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While overseas, a negative encounter may leave a bitter taste in the mouth of a traveler. Stories of being cheated or scammed by members of a local population can be heard from travelers of every nation. However, many of these observations, although unfortunate, are not only one-sided, but also unfair.

Some travelers have reported that they had been overcharged and or underserved by local store owners and service providers which left them with a negative impression of the local or indigenous population. In turn, these negative impressions were later applied to the people of other nations. It is true that many nations with a high level of tourist from overseas have areas where an unexpected tourist or traveler could be easily misled and swindled.

In this episode we help travelers prepare for the eventuality of being cheated or scammed. We give examples of some commonly used scheming and scamming tactics along with what can be done to avoid being taken advantage of. Keep in mind that many of these negative experiences can also happen in one’s own home nation and isn’t exclusive to any nation.


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