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While living outside of your home nation, regardless of the reason why, you may one day find yourself looking for ways to remain functional, creative and useful. Because of this fact, and to get the most out of your overseas experience, it becomes of the upmost importance to prioritize the elements that make up your overseas life. Choices have to be found and then executed that will allow you to sift through elements that are weighing you down and preventing you from learning and enjoying your life abroad.

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to sit down in our Taipei studio for a chat with a fellow expat / immigrant who has found her unique and fruitful path overseas. Overtime, this has allowed her to remain positively and objectively active and in some ways innovative. This episode, I'm so lucky to be able to welcome Jun Lee to the show. Jun is a creative artist, dancer, yoga instructor and restaurant entrepreneur. With roots here in Asia, Jun sits down with me to discuss the steps she has taken to overcome obstacles while living abroad and how she is striving to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Facebook(Jun Lee): Jun Lee

Facebook (Resturant): URBN Culture


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