Be Known with Special Guest Rob Chifokoyo

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In this incredible episode, Mark and Sarge connect with their friend and brother, Rob Chifokoyo to discuss man's desire to be known and the allure that comes with it. Rob is a passionate follower of Jesus, husband, Dad, Pastor, speaker, author by whom you will be encouraged and sharpened. Don't miss this!
Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Rob brings a much needed multicultural and global perspective to the church. Rob’s unique story and energetic presence have made him an up and coming speaker and author. His kidney transplant journey, as well as his cross cultural pastoral experience speak to the heart of college groups, non-profits and churches. Rob is the host of the podcast Revival Loading, co-host of Cookies and Cream and is a co-founder of Ishe Publishing with his brother T.J, an initiative that is amplifying minority voices in the world of literature. Rob is the author of four books, including The Blessing in Less and Before You Save the World
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