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It’s time for a slice in ‘Mystic Pizza’ (1988). We made it through the Fast & Furious franchise and now it’s time to slow it down, eat some ‘za, and drool over Vincent D’Onofrio, who’s lookin like a real slice himself. ‘Mystic Pizza’ follows three young women (Julia Roberts, Annabeth Gish, and Lili Taylor) on the cusp of adulthood in a small seaside town. They all work at the local joint (Mystic Pizza), where they sling slices while dreaming about their futures. It’s an earnest and hilarious movie that spends the time getting to know each character in a way that will make you laugh, cry, and really want some damn pizza. Seriously though, don’t watch this movie hungry or the Ratatouille scene will wreck you. The movie is packed full of 80’s goodness, from the big hair to the shameless saxophone and synth soundtrack. Plenty of cute houses, outfits, cars, and people. What are you waiting for? Order up!

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