LIVE WEBINAR REPLAY: Mindful Anti-Racism: Finding Relational Connection Beneath Shame & Saviorism

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If you're so inclined.. Please sign up for my new Embodied Antiracism Class starting Oct. 21st 2p ET This is the live webinar replay we recorded October 14th! In this webinar we discussed... How to avoid getting lost in the 'shame spiral' Using our nervous systems as a tool to bring ourselves into balance as we lean into doing anti-racism work Implementing our anti-racism work from a grounded place that allows us to be fully present The intersection of this work and Stephen Porges' Polyvagal Theory Identifying and welcoming out parts Recognizing the role parts play in our capacity to feel more balanced and connected If you like this webinar, please consider signing up to my 5-week embodied antiracism course beginning Wednesday Oct 21 at 2pm ET with special guests Drs. Jack Kornfield, Dick Schwartz, Shelley Harrell, Natasha Stovall, & Susan Cousins or email me at with any questions!

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