ReRooted – Ep. 57 – Complex Integration w/ Beatriz & Terry Sheldon MD

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Thông tin tác giả Francesca Maximé: #ReRooted on BHNN & #WiseGirl and Francesca Maximé được phát hiện bởi Player FM và cộng đồng của chúng tôi - bản quyền thuộc sở hữu của nhà sản xuất (publisher), không thuộc về Player FM, và audio được phát trực tiếp từ máy chủ của họ. Bạn chỉ cần nhấn nút Theo dõi (Subscribe) để nhận thông tin cập nhật từ Player FM, hoặc dán URL feed vào các ứng dụng podcast khác. Beatriz & Terry Sheldon MD join Francesca to explore Complex Integration of Multiple Brain Systems, their new innovative psychotherapy paradigm. Beatriz Sheldon M.Ed, Psych, has practiced psychotherapy for forty years in four languages. She has received specialized post-graduate training in short-term dynamic psychotherapy at McGill University in Montreal, and is director of a psychotherapy training program for advanced clinicians in Vancouver. She and Albert have researched and taught psychotherapy together for 20 years. Albert Sheldon, MD, a clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of Washington, Seattle, has specialized in the research, practice, and training of psychotherapy for 35 years. Dr. Sheldon received a Bush Medical Fellowship to study psychotherapeutic processes from a psychophysiological perspective. The development of the CIMBS paradigm is a result of the Sheldon’s research and teaching experiential psychotherapy to clinicians throughout North America and Europe. More info: Emotional Brain Systems // Care, Connection, Safeness Welcoming husband and wife psychotherapy duo—Beatriz Sheldon M.Ed, Psych, and Terry Sheldon, MD—to the ReRooted podcast, Francesca invites them to begin with the groundwork of illuminating the various emotional brain systems which make up our present moment human experience. Through this lens, they explore how emotional brain systems like care, connection, and safeness relate to therapy and healing. “It’s important to get to know what these emotional systems are so that we can have more clarity about our own experiences inside of ourselves, and as a therapist, to get to know the deeper levels of functioning and capacity and resources that we’re all born with.” – Terry Sheldon, MD Francesca and Dr. Bruce Perry talk trauma, resilience, and healing, on Ep. 55 of ReRooted Complex Integration of Multiple Brain Systems (12:42) With groundwork laid, Francesca invites Beatriz and Terry to further unpack the Complex Integration of Multiple Brain Systems, their new innovative psychotherapy paradigm, which aims to heal by “going the other way” – going beneath the fear, by recognizing and allowing our deeper systems’ ability to abide in love in the moment. The Sheldons explain this as a physiological recognition that fear is in the past, while care and trust are in the present. “There is a physiological change into standing up inside of themselves. When I see that there is this change inside, I immediately ask, ‘What’s happening right now? What are the sensations that are happening right now?’ – Beatriz Sheldon “Trauma is the puppeteer of the present.” – Francesca Maximé Learn about embodied change and neurosculpting with Sharon Salzberg and Dr. Rick Hanson, on Ep. 123 of the Metta Hour Neuroplasticity // Trust, Presence, Unconditional Love (37:37) Speaking to neuroplasticity, Dr. Sheldon relays the power of following up your therapy session with a walk, physical movement, or meditation—as well as reactivating the same neural pathways when drifting to sleep—to help create lasting traits. From here, the group engages in discourse around very dear themes to Ram Dass and the Be Here Now Network: trust, presence, and unconditional love. “Trusting what-is on a deeper level, you may not feel like you have access to it, but it’s still there. Not trying to make something happen, but just keep orienting to that neurobiological truth that you are unconditionally worthy, you are unconditionally lovable.” – Terry Sheldon, MD Dr. Dan Siegel joins Francesca to share the practice of presence, on Ep. 27 of the BHNN Guest Podcast

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