Tammy Sollenberger - Embodied Antiracism and Internal Family Systems

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On today's episode, I talk with Francesca Maxime', an IFS informed powerhouse! Her passion is contagious and my hope is that you will take one of the MANY resources and challenges she gives to 'accept your assignment' while giving ALL of your parts (including your racist parts) compassion and care. One of my favorite quotes: "We are all breathing carbon monoxide which is racism and think we are breathing oxygen... it does sicken over time." Check out her website here: https://www.maximeclarity.com/ Check out her podcast here: https://beherenownetwork.com/category/francesca-maxime/ Check out her upcoming talk on Active Mourning: Active Mourning: Transforming Grief, Loss, Longing, and Resentment | InsightLA Meditation To register for the Heirloom Summit on Feb 24-26 and get a special discount as a listener of the podcast: http://bit.ly/theoneinside I'd love to connect with you at ifstammy on Instagram and Twitter and on The One Inside Facebook page. Enjoy!

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