Identifying Key Partnerships with Josh Skolnick and Zachery Beutler of Horse Power Brands

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Josh Skolnick is a serial entrepreneur who began a successful landscaping business in his youth. In 2008, he founded Monster Tree Service and grew it into a multi-million-dollar franchise with over 200 territories across the U.S. before selling it to Authority Brands in 2020. In 2018, Skolnick took over Redbox+, a patented combination portable toilet and dumpster rental service turning it into a nationally recognized brand with over 240 territories, but his drive didn’t stop there. On his most recent endeavor, Skolnick joined with two other franchising leaders to create the service-based parent company Horse Power Brands, which acquired and operates Mighty Dog Roofing.

Zachery Beutler began his career in franchising as a young, ambitious franchisee with Nebraska-based Complete Nutrition, later becoming a multi-unit franchisee of Color World Housepainting, Inc. He went on to take up a variety of roles in franchise development with 5 different brands and as Chief Development Officer of Redbox+. As one of the highest performers in franchise development, Beutler has gained a wealth of knowledge on building brands and businesses. He is also co-owner of Beutler Beef, a company that provides high quality beef, and most recently co-founded Horse Power Brands.

Key Takeaways:

[0:05] Welcome to Franchise Euphoria, the podcast that takes a deep dive into specific topics related to franchising. Franchise Euphoria exists to help individuals who are trying to grow their business through a franchise or franchise-like model.

[0:59] Josh introduces today’s guests, Josh Skolnick and Zachery Beutler, the co-founders of Horse Power Brands.

[3:16] Josh welcomes Josh and Zach to Franchise Euphoria.

[3:59] Josh and Zach share about their professional history and what led them to their present partnership.

[9:40] The partnership between Josh and Zach is very well-balanced since Josh has an extensive background as a franchisor and Zach as a franchisee.

[14:55] Zach shares the top three things he learned as a franchisee that he has used to create a better experience for the franchisees of Horse Power Brands.

[20:53] Josh shares the importance of making data-driven decisions and being proactive about building out your strategy in order to grow properly.

[29:28] Horse Power Brands focuses on acquiring corporate run, owner/operator businesses that are considering franchising.

[36:59] Horse Power Brands expects to roll out their next brands within the next 6-12 months.

[47:09] If you want to learn more about Horse Power Brands, visit their website listed below.

[47:37] Thanks for listening, and please, reach out to Josh anytime through email at If you enjoyed this interview, please leave us a review on Apple Podcasts.

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