Joe Soltis of ChoiceLocal Meets with Franchise Interviews

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We are meeting with Joe Soltis…Joe is the Founder and CEO of ChoiceLocal, a digital marketing firm that serves franchise systems where the average client partner of ChoiceLocal gains $15.51 for every $1.00 in invested in marketing. ChoiceLocal is a local marketing firm specializing in marketing franchise systems. Their average client generates in excess of $15.54 in new revenue for every $1 invested in marketing. They deliver superior business results to any local marketing firm they have been compared to. Their clients experience, on average, 363% faster revenue growth working with us compared to working with other agencies. Joe oversees ChoiceLocal which in turn funds the Benjamin Isaac Foundation out of its profits. The Benjamin Isaac Foundation is a non-profit focused on helping kids in need. Every business has a story ChoiceLocal's missionis to help others. ChoiceLocal was founded as a 1-person company and today just a few years later is 65+ people, is bringing on 2-3 new people per month, is a 2X winner of NorthCoast99’s best place to work award, and boasts an annualized client retention rate of 94% and a net promoter score higher than great performing companies such as Apple, Amazon, & Trader Joe’s. In Part Two, we play a clip from our popular Great Quotes in Franchising podcast.

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