Two Must Read Books this Summer on Franchising

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We have a great show. Today we are discussing two great books for aspiring entrepreneurs to read this summer. First, we are meeting with franchise expert, author, and consultant Tom Scarda. Mr. Scarda is going to talk about his recent book, The Magic of Choosing Uncertainty. Tom will answer the following: What suggestions would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to buy a franchise? Why did you write the book "The Magic of Choosing Uncertainty"? What types of traits make successful franchisees? What do you like about franchising? Tom also discusses how franchising changed his life. Next, we are meeting with franchise author, franchise speaker, and serial frantrepreneur Lonnie Helgerson. Lonnie has over 35 years in the franchise industry, working with Super 8 Motels, Ident-A-Kid, and many more. We will be speaking to Lonnie about his new book "Five Pennies: Ten Rules to Successfully Build a Franchise Mega-Brand and Maximize System Profits."

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