Dr. Crack Santa and the Multiverse of Gyrocopters

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Hello Internet!

On this week's episode of TFSP Gunnar and Wade discuss Gunnar's further decent, or ascent depending on how on might view it, to his fated evolution into a Crack Santa.

What was the fan's gripe with the latest Dr. Strange film? Will Marvel fans become the ruin of the MCU and it's franchises? Either way, it the reviews are mixed and it didn't seem to blow anyone away.

Now that Austin, TX is no longer the hipster epicenter of the US, which American city is a potential next location for the spirit of the 90s to remain alive...If ya know, ya know; but our bet is on the home of the Garbage Plate.

That and more on this episode of The Friendship Snake Podcast.

#RochesterIsForKnitCaps #DrStrange #MatteyMatheson #JustADash #GarbagePlates #CrackSanta #MarvelCryBabies

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