From the Cheap Seats: Episode 27

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We’re back! Finally! What’s wrong with Steve and Geoff, not putting out a show since last season?! They answer that question right off the bat, but still. Inexcusable.

There’s a lot to catch up on in this episode. The entirety of the Avs regular season, the first round dismantling of the Blues, and what to expect as they take on the Vegas Golden Knights. Plus a rather lengthy discussion of the maddening inconsistency of NHL suspensions.

In our last show, Morgan (@morgannaanna) tried to call in, but was thwarted by Zoom-browsing trolls. We promised to have her in the next week. Ten months later, we finally made good on that, and got to have her on to discuss how hockey fans got through the pandemic, and what to expect as we head into the arena for the first time. BONUS: her dog makes a surprise appearance with a squeaky toy.

If that’s not worth a nearly year-long wait, we don’t know what is. (Ed. Note: Nothing is worth that wait. Seriously, guys. Get it together.)

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