It’s Time to Get Your Playbook

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Maneuvering and winning in the new era requires an EMSO playbook. But what plays should we include in it, and why do we need it? Host Ken Miller talks with Dr. Bill Conley and John Knowles about strategies to include in our playbooks that can be rapidly implemented before the “game” starts, and how this will be addressed at AOC's 2022 annual international symposium and convention. They also dive into current affairs at the global level and in Congress, how to combine theater-level strategy with technological innovations, the current state of supply chain and microelectronics, and they discuss what can be done about the current instability across the global sphere.

Dr. Bill Conley is Chief Technology Officer at Mercury Systems, and John Knowles is the Editor of the Journal of Electromagnetic Dominance (JED).

To learn more about today’s topics or to stay updated on EMSO and EW developments, visit our homepage.

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