Real Housewives choose your fighter: Marlo & Shree vs Kandi & Kenya, Sutton vs everyone, Wakanda Forever vs Caroline Stanbury

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This week's housewife episodes are about choosing your fighter as feuds ensue and the ladies go for the jugular. On the Real Housewives of Atlanta, there is a shift post the New York trip with Marlo & Shree out for Kandi & Kenya's blood. Has the fun shade turned toxic? Over at the Real Housewives Beverly Hills, each camp has its own pot stirrers, but do Rinna & Erika have their own agenda? And are they using Crystal as a pawn to get back at Sutton? Also, what is the deal with Diana?? And heading across the ocean to the Real Housewives of Dubai, Caroline Stanbury thinks she's sticking the knife in by not attending Lesa's fashion show, but is she doing more harm than good to her own storyline? Who will win between her and Chanel Ayan? My money is on Chanel. All this and so much more. Remember to rate, review and subscribe. Oh and give us a follow over @fromthelowerlevelpood

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