Welcome to the new world with the Real Housewives of Dubai

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This week we finally welcome the Real Housewives of Dubai to the rotation. There are some new faces and one old face that might have some new bits... jk! But seriously, how great is it to have the OG Lady of London, Caroline Stanbury back on our screens. She's coming through with a new fella, and Chanel Ayan ain't buying it. Are you??? Speaking of Chanel Ayan she is coming on strong and kind of giving us everything we've been wanting, but is it too much too soon? Is she top tier or will she burn too fast? Only the future will tell. But, I think it goes without saying that Dubai is our most diverse Housewives franchise, is our richest Housewives franchise and may also be our shadiest housewives franchise and not the fun kind of shade. Let us know over at the pod which of the ladies is your fave and whose tagline you like best! Not to be outdone our OG rich ladies from Beverly Hills are back and could this be the end of the dream team that is Sutton, Garcelle and Chrystal!?!?!? I hope not. What did Sutton say???? Dorit is leaning into taking us on this trauma journey with her, but is Sutton not giving her the heads up on there being press at her event a bit much? Shouldn't she be expecting that, or is she just looking for more reasons to hate on Sutty?? All these questions and really not a lot of answers, but what's new *shrug*. In sadder news, we are also seeing the final days of Rinna's mum Lois who has been a fixture on our screens for the last few seasons. Hoping wherever she is now she's enjoying the drama. RIP Lois, you were an icon.

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