Panama, Paradise, Pandora. What’s changed in the world of tax avoidance?

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Vladimir Putin hinted that Russia’s state-backed monopoly pipeline exporter, Gazprom, may increase supplies to help Europe avoid a full-blown energy crisis, and US energy secretary Jennifer Granholm has raised the prospect of releasing crude oil from the government’s strategic petroleum reserve as the Biden administration confronts a politically perilous surge in the price of gasoline; General Motors plans to double its revenues by 2030 as the company steers towards electric vehicles, and the latest data leak detailing the financial affairs of the global elite makes clear how much progress has been made since the world began clamping down in earnest in 2008 — and how much remains to be done.

Gas markets whipsaw after Russia offers to stabilise energy prices

General Motors aims to double sales by 2030 with boost from electric vehicles

From Panama to the Pandora papers: what’s changed in offshore tax

JAB seeks to raise $5bn fund to invest in petcare

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