Controversial Thoughts: Do plants really contain toxic chemicals?

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Do plants really contain toxic chemicals?

Short answer: Yes.

If you want a more in depth discussion check out this week's version of Controversial Thoughts as I attempt yet again to appease the gods of social media by pausing the extremely controversial conversations about #chocolate cake and censorship.

Here's the deal. For 450 million years or so animals and plants have been at war. Herbivorous animals want to eat plants, plants must evolve spikes, hard shells, and defense chemicals if they want to survive and pass on their DNA.

Simple as that. Plants are FULL of defense chemicals. Herbivorous animals have evolved many ways to deal with these, animal-based omnivores like humans possibly have not...

Not all vegetables will kill you dead instantly when you eat them, but why eat survival food when you can eat organs, meat, and the less toxic parts of plants like fruit??

I break it all down in this video!


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