Controversial Thoughts: Do you need to count calories on an Animal Based Diet?

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This is going to piss off the calories in/calories out zealots, but I say no... Check out this week's episode of Controversial Thoughts to hear why. I believe that our satiety mechanisms have been hijacked, and this causes us to overeat-> obesity->metabolic dysfunction. Blocking CB1 receptors with Rimonabant is incredibly helpful for weight loss and improve cardiometabolic parameters to a greater degree than weight loss would predict... Linoleic acid-> 2-AG and Anandamide (AEA) which bind to CB1, these are endogenous cannabinoids that appear to be overproduced when we eat seed oils... Is everything starting to become clear now? By eating an #AnimalBased diet (meat/organs, least toxic plant foods), you'll be avoiding seed oils and processed sugars that hijack your satiety = no real need to count calories and freedom from calorie counting prison. Don't believe me? Watch the video! #theremembering

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