How mainstream media is tearing our country apart, With Saagar Enjeti from Breaking Points

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Saagar Enjeti is the cohost of Breaking Points on YouTube. He was named 2019-20 Tony Blankley Fellow by Steamboat Institute. Saagar is also a Media Fellow at the Hudson Institute in Washington DC where he co-hosts The Realignment podcast. Saagar previously served as White House Correspondent for The Daily Caller and Foreign Affairs Correspondent for The DC News Foundation.

Time stamps:

0:08:52 Podcast begins and opening thoughts

0:10:19 Why did Saagar move his show?

0:14:39 The way humans communicate is far different in this day and age than it was for the past multiple thousand years

0:17:49 It is normal to hold contradictory opinions

0:21:54 Don't trust, verify!

0:24:49 What happened in 2007 that changed how we communicate?

0:29:44 Reporters, politicians, and podcasters are only human

0:30:29 Bezos bought the entire Washington media

0:34:39 The liberal ideology is pushing media to be more conformist

0:40:14 The ivermectin story

0:42:29 If we allow science to become politicized, then we are lost

0:43:29 The war on normal people

0:48:14 From my perspective: it seems that the media leans left

0:50:59 It's considered impolite to point out that our leaders are too old to leave

0:53:29 Should social media platforms announce when they have a conflict of interest just like research studies?

0:58:44 There is nothing illegal about owning Amazon and the second largest news company in the world

1:01:14 Fauci, COVID, and how this may have been released from a lab

1:09:34 Politicians will never take responsibility for their mistakes

1:11:44 Twitter, in my opinion, is the best at not restricting freedom of speech

1:13:59 People are hungry for information, just not the info the mainstream media is giving them

1:14:34 What does the White House basement look like?

1:16:14 What does Saagar's diet look like?

1:19:59 Where to find Saagar


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