Controversial Thoughts: Is Fructose something to fear?

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I ate bananas with my steak and liver after I filmed this! Lots of people love to hate on fructose, but is this molecule really harmful for humans when found in fruit and honey? You know, foods that we've been eating for millions of years and foods that the Hadza and other hunter/gatherer groups around the world LOVE and seek out? Find out in this week's episode of Controversial Thoughts! Cleansed of all controversial CX V i D related talk for the instagram droid's pleasure. Take home: There's zero evidence that fructose in honey and fruit is harmful for humans. If you feel better on a diet without them, more power to you. But if you are one of the many individuals who benefit (electrolytes, energy, sleep, libido, etc.) from including carbohydrates in your diet, I say eat them from the least toxic plant foods! Don't know what the least toxic plant foods are? You'll love what we are doing at @heartandsoilsupplements this month with our #AnimalBased30! It's free and there are a ton of resources for you! Join us at!

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