Episode 17: Nematodes Beware!

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Welcome back, citizen!

Join us for a micro-battle in the soil! This week, we'll get familiar with nematodes and learn about an incredible adaptation that some familiar fungi have. My guest this time is Dr. Greg Thorn with Western University in London, Ontario.

If you want to learn more about this episode's topics, here are some links:

The University of Nebraska at Lincoln - nematode page

American Phytopathological Society - nematode page

Medscape - Icky nematode-caused human diseases

Dr. George Barron - University of Guelph

The Atlantic - When Tulips Kill

Thank you to Dr. Greg Thorn for teaching us about the tricky traps fungi set for their prey, to Rowen Cannon for providing transcription, and to the Mycological Society of America's Student Section. You can access a transcript of this episode here.

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