Building a Web3 Company After the NFT Crash (Feat. Brandon Martinez, SNKRHUD)

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Joining the show today is Brandon Martinez, Founder of SNKRHUD. We discuss the dynamic of digital goods and NFTs during a downturn in the market, and how physical events and identities are becoming the norm in what was once thought to be an anonymous and online-only fandom. Listen now!

The End of the Good Times

  • “Hype alone isn’t enough to build an enduring brand or community.” There has to be a non-monetary reason that people are engaged in community — for sneakerheads this is the love of the culture and nostalgia that endures well past childhood. Sneakerheads come from many different backgrounds and walks of life, so a digital goods community around sneakers may be much more durable than any other PFP project.
  • “Collectors need investors. They’re intrinsically motivated, and inextricably connected.” — Phillip
  • NFT Project creators are doxxing themselves now in an effort to increase optionality. There’s a lot more to gain by having a trusted reputation as a person than there is as a cartoon avatar.
  • SNKRHUD is a collection of digital goods and an NFT-based playground for sneakerheads based in Earth-326, a post-apocalyptic world where sneakers rule. Sidekicks is a recent mint of a profile picture (PFP) asset, which is laying the foundation for future projects.
  • “I think of the community from which sneakers actually emanate. How can I make it so that anybody can be rewarded even for their participation, for their love of and the passion of whatever that community represents?” - Brandon
  • Brandon shares his perspective on NFT NYC 2022: "it was like most conferences, but it was happening in the heat of the downfall.”
  • “The buyer modality of attachment or nostalgia of a particular time or moment in your life is diffuse when it’s spread across 5 or 10 purchases. Souvenirs should be singular” — Phillip

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