1. Every Child has a hidden potential | ShivRam Choudhary, Founder - Codevidhya

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In this episode, we speak to Mr. ShivRam Choudhary who is the founder of Codevidhya. He has been a pioneer in the education industry for over 2 decades now, a big fan of Robin Sharma and yes, he pays a lot of attention to mental health, mindfulness. He believes that every child has a hidden potential and so he's on a mission to bring the best out of our young generation. He discusses his journey, who inspires him, coding for children, mental health, and shares some valuable tips on parenting.
Connect with Mr. ShivRam Choudhary here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shivram-choudhary-10955713/
Book a free coding class with Codevidhya: Visit www.codevidhya.com or simply visit www.codingclassforkids.com
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Bye, Take care and Happy Parenting.

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