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Featuring 3 community managers with varying backgrounds, we explored a community manager's goals, how they achieve these, how this benefits a game production and how we as producers can help facilitate their work.
With community managers from AAA to indie, a plethora of interesting perspectives emerged as we spoke about their road to the industry, their studios, their everydays and goals.

  • Raccine Malcolm: Freelance Community & DEI Manager, Founder of Games Community Garden (formerly Games Marketing Essentials), Co-Founder & CCOO of CommSprout, Community Engagement and DEI Manager at The*GameHERs.
  • Jenny Windom: Producer/Co-Owner at Soft Not Weak, Portfolio Manager at Kowloon Nights, & Communications at Rose City Games. In her spare time, Jenny is an indie game streamer and Wholesome Games organizer and host.
  • Daria Ilyina: Community Developer at Paradox Interactive. Previously Team Lead for various projects from mobile to console & PC games, with vast customer support and IT analytics background. In her spare time, Daria creates cosplay costumes and plays video games.
  • Raven Hoegalmen (𝘏𝘰𝘴𝘵): A tech engineer MSc graduate with a passion for game design and and game production.

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