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A panel featuring 4 wonderful Producers working in the games industry, with highly varying backgrounds: From years of experience to education & culture, and from studio size & composition to role & responsibilities! Topics ranged from their road into the industry, what production looks like at their studio, tools used and best practices.

  • Esmeralda Hoffman: Producer at Silver Rain Games, currently working on an EA Originals project. Contributed to several projects varying from Indie to AAA titles. Believes we can work towards a more mindful approach to game production.
  • Heather Chandler: Video game producer with 24 years and counting under her belt in the game industry. Led teams at Epic Games, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, and Activision. Launched over 40 games across all gaming platforms and has worked on popular franchises including Fortnite, Star Trek, and Ghost Recon. Currently working on a game about the ocean called Beyond Blue. Wrote several well known & read books on game production and game localisation.
  • Dr. JC Lau: Producer at Harebrained Schemes with experience in empathetic game production, localization, and advocacy. Often speaks at industry events such as GDC and PAX Dev, and her work has been featured on podcasts and in various academic and professional publications. Currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Seattle chapter of the IGDA, and Global Game Jam.
  • Amanda Duarte (Host): Project Manager at Achimostawinan Games. Co-organises Women Game Jam Brazil, and loves volunteering at game events such as game jams, conferences and expositions.

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