Episode 6 - World War Wonder

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In this week's episode, Rhys falls down felling the forest, plays the 'Well that's a weird place to live' quiz and spends the rest of eternity measuring the coastline! Will get gas, has bad times in the Balkans and then insults the British Monarchy.
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[00:00] - Intro

[01:03] - Misconception Corner: Felling the Rainforest

[12:13] - Misconception Corner: WWI Weapons

[18:17] - Well that's a weird place to live - The Quiz

[38:55] - Franz Ferdinand in the Balkans

[1:02:08] - Number Time!: Measuring the Coastline

[1:13:04] - Number Time!: British Monarchy Insults

[1:22:55] - Outro

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