GHIT 0257: Joe Adams from Blackstone Laboratories and Host of the Slick Talk Podcast

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Joe Adams joins us for an in depth discussion of all the introductory questions that we had related to oil and what their analysis can reveal within your car’s engine. We start with what the oil is actually doing within your engine and how through use it can indicate either the oil degrading or the degradation of individual engine components. We also try to cover the individual components used within the oil formulations and what their function is. After this episode, we know that we learned a few things about oil and how to save some money (for more track time) and reveal potential issues we may be having within our cars before they become very expensive or perhaps even catastrophic.

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Vicki, Jennifer, Alan, and Bill

Hosts of the Garage Heroes In Training Podcast and Garage Heroes In Training racing team drivers

Highlights from this episode include:

1) What does the terminology mean and what you need to make sure that your oil is going to work properly for your application.

2) How to determine when you need to change your oil due to the individual engine and your use of the vehicle. The testing can often result in cost savings by optimizing your oil change interval to your usage.

3) What other fluids besides engine oil that can be tested by Blackstone, as well as how to take the sample and send it in for testing.

4) We cover what the Blackstone Laboratories tests are and how their test team's test report will help you to interpret the information easily and quickly.

5) How best to take the sample and what liquids Blackstone Laboratories is capable of testing.

6) What to look for in your fluids and how to best make emergency substitutions or substitutions for racing applications.

7) Synthetic vs conventional oils. Is the (former) dinosaur better or worse.

Sorry Bill sounds like he is talking into a paper towel roll for most of the episode. He borrowed it from Mental (or the microphone disconnected during the recording)

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