Geekscape 618: The Saturday Morning Showdown Hosts!

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Vin Diesel said it best: it's all about family! And we've got an awesome, growing family right here at Geekscape! In fact, it's growing so quickly that maybe you haven't gotten a chance to meet everyone yet! Well, Katie and I are going to try and fix some of that this week as we introduce you to Donald and Leigh from Geekscape's 'Saturday Morning Showdown' podcast! That's right. We have a show all about classic Saturday morning cartoons and we're going to be talking a bit about nostalgia, what shows defined our childhoods and maybe what shows are best left forgotten! Along the way, Leigh discusses her hunt for Happy Meal Toys, Katie learns to educate, entertain and inspire and I talk some crazy B.S. about turning my face into a pizza. Some how I rave about 'Station 11', Katie loves Denzel in 'The Tragedy of Macbeth' and I enjoy Paul Thomas Anderson's 'Licorice Pizza'! It's a heck of a lot of fun! And Katie is not an opossum!

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