Geekscape 619: Jason Inman Is Still A Super Best Friend!

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It's a comic book heavy conversation on a brand new Geekscape when Jason Inman arrives on the show to talk about his second issue of Super Best Friend! Together we introduce Katie to the masterpiece that is Art Spiegelman's 'Maus' and double down on Nazis being terrible people! We also try to explain Marvel's 'The Sentry' and how he is not exactly Superman which leads us down quite the rabbit hole! For sure we cover all the bases on Jason's Kickstarter for Super Best Friend issue 2 and make fun of NFTs and Matt Kelly's thin defense for making us all go to Spaghetti Factory during Comic Con! And we can't end Geekscape this week without talking about that Mando-centric episode of 'The Book of Boba Fett' and how it really would be awesome if Tatooine finally blew up and they told some stories somewhere else!

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