Geekscape LACC 2021: The Worst Marvel Characters NOT In The MCU (Yet)

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Geekscape LACC 2021: The Worst Marvel Characters NOT In The MCU (Yet)

We all love the MCU! And we all love Marvel Comics! But not all of the Marvel Comics characters deserve to show up in the MCU! Who are some of the lamest Marvel characters that have yet to make it to the big time? To help answer that question, the Los Angeles Comic Con panel of myself, Katie Elsaesser, Ed Greer and Ron Swallow are joined on stage by The Card Master (aka Matt Kelly) as we go through old 90s Marvel Masterworks cards and find some of the worst Marvel characters! We then discuss how we would integrate them into the MCU! Who would play them? What's the story? Is it still a really bad idea? Well, this panel wasn't! It was hilarious! Enjoy!

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