Geekscape Live: The Geekscape 15th Anniversary Celebration!

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The Geekscape 15th Anniversary Live Celebration!

This is it! The biggest Geekscape of the year! Filmed before a live theater audience in Los Angeles, the Geekscape 15th Anniversary Live Celebration is the final, 15th hour of the Dec. 17th 15 hour charity live stream for Big Brothers Big Sisters that ran across the entire Geekscape network! Featuring surprise guests from Geekscape's past (and future) and musical acts... this is it! Jonathan announces that this is the last Geekscape and that he's calling it quits! Our Canadian friend of a thousand voices Eric Bauza drops by to talk about his life doing the voices for some of our most beloved characters! Katie battles her nemesis IncelBot in an on stage battle of wits! Heidi sings a duet with her puppet friend Stewie (and his friend Jonathan Root)! Brian Gilmore and Sarah Ellis tell stories of Geekscape's past! Super Action Man makes a surprise appearance to give Jonathan a pep talk! And so much more! If this is the last Geekscape ever... it's a great one to go out with!

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