The Geekscape 'Morbius' Special!

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The Geekscape 'Morbius' Special!

Finally! The arrival of the latest "Marvel Legend" and newest Geekscape Special! Of course I'm talking about Sony's 'Morbius', starring Jared Leto! That's right! Ian Kerner and I brave the depths of Sony's newest entry in their Spider-Man-less Spiderverse to talk about what worked, what didn't and where things go from here... if at all. Is the film as bad as critics say? How does it stack up with the MCU films? Or even Sony's 'Venom' movies? Is Sony really building up to a Sinister Six film? Would they do it without Spider-Man? Honestly, what is even happening? How did we get a 'Morbius' stand alone movie? At least Tyrese is in it! And Matt Smith!

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