The Geekscape 'The Batman' Special!

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The Geekscape 'The Batman' Special!

Finally! The grittiest and realist Batman you've ever seen has hit theaters, starring Robert Pattinson and directed by Matthew Reeves! So obviously that means it's time for Jonathan and Ian to give it the Geekscape Special treatment! So is this punishing take on the Caped Crusader the masterpiece people say it is? How was Paul Dano's Riddler? Zoe Kravitz' Catwoman? Colin Farrell's Penguin? And what other comic book characters and plot lines were inspirations for the film? How different is The Batman from earlier iterations of the character? What works and where might the Batmobile need to do some course correction for future installments? What can we expect to see in the next Batman film? And could The Batman tie in to the bigger DC Universe? It's going to be a lot of detective work on this brand new Geekscape!

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