Ep. 503 - The 4 Cs to Overcoming Your Inner Dream Stealer with Elise Smith

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Tired of holding yourself back and want tools to help you believe in yourself and find your confidence?

In this segment, Elise Smith shares the 4 Cs to overcoming your inner dream stealer.

1. Check in with yourself

2. Challenge your thoughts

3. Choose to co-create, get the blueprint down

4. Change
See video here - https://youtu.be/CYliZCe7JRM


Elise Smith is a Christian Business Strategist and speaker who empowers faith-filled women entrepreneurs to reach their sales goals by partnering with God, empowering their mindset, and teaching them to implement biblical business strategy. She has been coaching for over 10 years and loves to see her clients reach their goals and answer their calling by helping them to lay a strong foundation in their business and gain closer relationship with God to build their business in the Lord's way as opposed to the world's way.


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