Carbon Footprint of Superheroes

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In the pursuit of justice, Superman leaps tall buildings in a single bound; Ironman uses incredible technology to defeat evil forces; and Batman outfits himself with everything a flying-vigilante-mammal needs to fight the corrupt underbelly of Gotham City. In their own way, every superhero is trying to make the planet a better place for us mere humans. But given the global environmental crisis underway, shouldn’t we examine superheroes more thoroughly? As fellow inhabitants of Earth, we owe it to ourselves to question how many pounds of carbon dioxide the Batmobile releases into the atmosphere; how much Ironman contributes to global warming; or what superpowers are really saving the planet, and which might actually be hurting it. On today’s episode, Mike and Leslie speak with Miles Traer, the creator of the “Carbon Footprint of Superheroes” project. It’s every bit as strange and incredible as it sounds. "Carbon Footprint of Superheroes" in its entirety:

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