EM004: Emergency Meeting - Stacey in Quarantine!

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Kate and Lauryn’s ongoing focus on the girls and what we think they’re doing to handle quarantine continues with an examination of Stacey’s situation in particular. We think Stacey’s going a little stir-crazy due to her lack of yard and outdoor space, her parents, and her high-risk status due to her diabetes and have divergent ideas about how she’s dealing with school, with Kate discovering she apparently has VERY strong opinions about the type of student Stacey is (i.e., one who would freak out if she got a C). Kate thinks Stacey is focusing on aspirational imaginary outfits and Lauryn contemplates a lifestyle blog for the tween set. And (of course) keeping up with the girls in Stoneybrook and Laine and finding enjoyment in having so much time to talk to them. In lieu of our typical check-in, we take a page from some of our favorite podcasts and focus on the positives with our own fucking hoorays and what’s making us happy recently (Never Have I Ever; the Parks & Recreation reunion; The Science of Sci-Fi by Erin Macdonald; Harry Potter audiobooks; Star Wars Day (a/k/a Kate's birthday) and Star Wars generally; and friends and family). We end with a HUGE thank you to all the healthcare and other essential workers keeping us safe and the world running.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!!

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