Episode 025: Mary Anne and the Search for Tigger!

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Kate and Lauryn were excited to get back to a Mary Anne book, but end up a little frustrated by how out of character she and the rest of the BSC act throughout this book. Basically, Tigger goes missing because Mary Anne can’t be bothered to take him in the house and then she (and the BSC) vacillates between frantic and lackadaisical and not using logic before Mary Anne finally figures out that Logan’s sister, Kerry, had found Tigger and was keeping him as a secret pet in her closet. We take issue with Logan and dissect the fact that our fond feelings may be as a result of the repetitive positive commentary in each book and the fact that he doesn’t actually appear in person in many books in the series. It’s a book that could’ve been great, but just missed the mark and to avoid a total pile-on, we use some of the episode to talk about larger themes and ideas in the series as a whole, in particular focusing on the difference in how Claudia’s Japanese-American heritage is treated versus how the narrators in each book approach describing Jessi as Black and looking toward more opportunities to continue that conversation in the future. We also touch on some of the real pop culture referenced in the book, including A Swiftly Tilting Planet, Baby Island, and Millions of Cats, which leads to a general discussion of other pop culture we may have missed (Madeleine L’Engel and His Dark Materials) or that does or does not hold up today (Empire Records vs. Can’t Hardly Wait) and the joys of going into something with low expectations and ending up being pleasantly surprised.

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