Let Go and Let God

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As we continue our Bad Lip Reading series looking at ideas and phrases that are not in the Bible (although many believe they are), today we examine a phrase that sounds right: Let go and let God. If we believe in God’s sovereignty and providence, and if we believe we are saved by grace alone in Christ alone, isn’t this the logical response to life? On one level, of course it is. We go through hardships, difficulties, suffering but also struggle with sin and habits. Isn’t our faith based on trusting God and getting out of the way? But in another way, the sentiment that is actually being expressed in this phrase, the answer is no. The Bible actually never points us in the direction of faith without action. In fact, the Bible gives us the Law to remind us that faithful obedience is necessary to have an assured faith. The Bible is not opposed to effort, it is opposed to earning. God has provided everything in our redemption—salvation and sanctification are all of grace. Yet, we play a role by actively pursuing God in repentance, faith, and obedience. We have an active role to play, and Jesus invites us to walk—not to sit and wait on God.

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