The Three Wise Men

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In the final message from the Bad Lip Reading series, a simple question—how many Wise Men came to visit Jesus? We sing a song that tells us, right? This question will help us see the central problem with so much of our faith, that we are Biblically illiterate, and therefore in danger of being swayed by anyone who can quote a few Bible verses or throw out ideas that sound like they are from God’s Word. Yet, the way Satan deceives us is not by throwing ridiculous ideas out of left field that are antithetical to the truth; rather, he gets as close to the truth as possible and convinces us that God has said things He really didn’t say. This was Satan’s tactic with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and it is his goal with us. The way to combat this is to roll up your sleeves and work hard to know the voice of God in the Word of God in order to fully know what He has really said.

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