Best of the TriVelo Podcast (Favourite Lessons From All Our Guests)

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To start today’s episode we’d like to say thank you to all our new and old listeners, the podcast is growing and we’d love it if you left us a 5 star review, a positive comment and shared it with others in the cycling/triathlon community!

Looking back over every episode we’ve done, we’ve learnt some absolutely brilliant lessons from our podcast guests. If you’re new to the podcast, we wanted to revisit some of the best lessons from our interviews. And if you’re a long time listener, we know you’ll enjoy refreshing some of these lessons just like we have.

Keys to the episode:

  • The race that put zwift on the map
  • Even the pros don’t sacrifice the balance with their families
  • Finding the limit of what your body is capable of
  • How far you can push your body with proper preparation and confidence
  • How important technique is in swimming compared to the other two disciplines
  • Why you only need minor tweaks to drastically improve your swimming!
  • Using food to get the best result out of your body
  • The value of consistent ‘C Races’
  • Having confidence in your ability
  • Not being intimidated by your opponents
  • You’re still a chance no matter how old you are, but allow your program to suit your age
  • When you race you have to get into a racers mindset
  • The value in being cool, calm and collected
  • Not letting equipment hold you back
  • Not letting your body hold you back

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The Get Fast Podcast is brought to you by TriVelo Coaching, where we help triathletes and cyclists like you, Train Smarter to Race Faster. You are joined as always by your hosts, Australian Triathlon Ironman Champion and HEAD COACH of TriVelo Coaching Gerard Donnelly, and his son Jordan Donnelly.

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