Discussing The Perfect Bike Position with Dr Mitch Anderson

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In today’s episode the notorious Dr Mitch Anderson returns to the podcast to apply his expansive knowledge of the human body to your position on the bike!

A topic he is not only knowledgeable on due to his medical background (respiratory physio, doctor and surgeon), but he has also lived the experience of finding the best position on the bike in order to break both the 12 and 24 hour cycling world records.

So, what’s more important, comfort or aero?

What part of your position should you be paying most attention to on the bike?

What do you need to know about getting a good bike fit?

What position produces the best power AND speed output?

We discuss it all in this episode.

Keys to the episode:

  • The 3 major keys to a good bike position (02:35)
  • Is it worth going for higher power or higher speed? (03:58)
  • The forgotten muscles vital to your position (06:00)
  • Is it faster to have your elbows wide or tucked in? (10:26)
  • How you should “look” on the bike (and do looks matter?) (13:28)
  • The most poorly executed muscles seen in athletes on the bike (15:22)
  • The first things to address in a bike fit (19:01)
  • What’s biomechanically stopping you from pushing more power in your TT position? (25:10)
  • Why having an asymmetrical position is probably wrong for you (28:00)
  • What’s the most common mistake in an athlete's bike position? (29:09)
  • What you need to know about your cleat position (32:14)
  • What size crank should you opt for? (33:48)
  • How to check if you’re in a “good” position or not (and why you’re not special!) (38:09)
  • An easy way to prevent injury from a poor position (43:16)
  • The ideal heel position in your pedal stroke (44:59)
  • Should you move your cleats closer to the bike frame or further away (47:58)
  • Dr Mitch’s best advice that he wants you to take home from this episode (50:44)
  • One thing you MUST be aware of with your position on the indoor trainer! (53:48)

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