Effortless Swimming with Brenton Ford

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When swimmers and triathletes want to get faster in the water it’s not often a matter of training harder. Fitness can only take a person so far in swimming. The most effective way to increase speed and endurance is by improving your technique.

Brenton Ford, former National Swimmer and elite Swimming Coach, Winner of Australian National Masters Swim Coach of the Year, realised the traditional coaching methods he’d been taught growing up didn’t work for a lot of swimmers (especially those without a swimming background).

So he founded “effortless swimming”, a way to work with and share the methods that he'd had success with, with a larger audience from all over the world.

We are very excited to have Brenton join us on the podcast today as he helps Triathletes from around the world improve their swim technique to have a more enjoyable swim experience in a race.

In the episode we cover:

  • The most common correction Triathletes need to make with their swimming
  • The skill vs fitness component of swimming
  • How long it should take someone to improve their swim
  • Are some swimmers just unable to improve
  • How much should triathletes be focusing on swimming drills and technique in their swim session compared to training for fitness?
  • How much time do you think you should spend between indoor and outdoor swimming if you’re an outdoor competitor like a triathlete?

PLUS Brenton shared his secrets around his '5 Core Principles of Swimming'

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