How to Prepare for Your Upcoming Race

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After much uncertainty and a change of date, the Geelong 70.3 finally went ahead.

Because we were so excited that a race didn’t get cancelled, today we’re getting in a race mindset and talking about how to prepare for your upcoming race. Whether it’s your first race or it’s your 10th, there are things you need to know or be reminded of in order to have the best race day possible.

Just because you may have done plenty of races before, doesn’t mean you’ve been doing them in a way that could be getting you the best result!

Key Points of the episode:

  • What we can learn from the epic Milan-San Remo
  • Gerard’s favourite race tactic
  • A new highly underrated weekly topic we’re starting on the podcast
  • What do you need to focus on the week leading up to your race
  • How to create the ultimate race checklist
    • What’s your race plan?
    • The principle of the ‘3 Potential Scenarios’
    • What data are you looking at during the ride?
    • Remember the effect accidental drafting has
    • What should you mentally be reminding yourself of throughout the race?
    • We answer a question from a listener
  • “Be process driven and not results driven and you will achieve the goals you are aiming for”
  • Lastly, Gerard’s most important point, don’t forget to enjoy the race! And how this impacts your execution

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